Harleen Kaur

Harleen Kaur (b. 1998 New Delhi, India) is an abstract artist who uses
her works as emotional apparatuses pondering over personal narratives
that deal with the complexities of contemporary life. She wishes to
evoke the universal themes that we all feel differently. And have
conversations about trauma, resilience, and healing with her viewers
through the medium of her works. Pushing the boundaries around these
conversations and trying to destigmatize them. Currently based in New
Delhi, India she has exhibited her work and is included in private
collections in the United States, London, Germany, Canada, and India.

The color blue is something that can be seen predominantly
throughout the artist’s practice. There is a duality in the nature of this
color, the artist says that has allowed her to express emotions lying at
opposite ends of the spectrum with its different shades. Through her
paintings and drawings, she wants to take the viewers to her “world of
blues” and create an experience for them that embarks their journey of