Oona D'Mello

Born in Mumbai, Oona D’mello’s long-term engagement with art has taken on a multitude of expressions through her experiments with design, décor and social impact via art. Oona formalised her education in art with a Fine Arts degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specialising in painting. Oona made Chicago her home for nearly a decade, taking on roles such as the Art and Gallery Director at The Chicago Mosaic School, in conjunction with events at the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics. She simultaneously had a number of solo and group shows in Chicago and Ohio, as well as in China and India. The artist presented her experiments with textiles and painting at an exhibition in Venice, Italy. She went on to exhibit her textile-based paintings in Singapore with her show Feeling Resistance, Memory & Practice in September 2019. Oona is the co-founder of Est. Form, a creative collective. Est. Form: Edition I had a one-day launch with a gallery view on Decemeber 14th, 2019, which was also Oona’s first show in Mumbai.

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