• Stitches of Matriarchy - Amma by Shivani M Vyas

Stitches of Matriarchy - Amma by Shivani M Vyas

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I used to call her Ammu and she called me Gudi. I was her first granddaughter. Ammu and I shared a special bond, which no one, till today knows about. Our conversations revolved around love and relationships as she would patiently remove the knots in my hair. She was a dancer and educator, bagged a degree in Economics and was the first woman in our family to learn how to drive a car. Her life revolved around Nanu, my grandfather. In this piece, I have scanned a love letter which she wrote to him in the early fifties. The background of this canvas is a clipping from a saree which she often wore, sadly the rest of it caught fungus. The border has been scribed with ‘Bhakti’ in Gujarati, as she lived a life of devotion. She wore bangles stacked up till her forearm,whenever she would walk we could hear it jingle and clink... a sound I deeply miss. Her favourite colours were beige and red, before she passed, her last wish to my mother and her sister was to dress her in a saree of those colours with a bindi. 

Medium : Embroidery, acrylic ink and archival prints on canvas

Size : 15" x 15"

Edition : Unique

Framing : Framed (ships unframed outside Mumbai)

Artwork is signed by the artist

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Shivani M Vyas is a British-Indian filmmaker, photographer & visual artist. Her work maps across analogue photography, embroidery and archival prints. She is the founder of Chhokri Films, a platform which mentors and teaches children self expression through moving and still images. Alongside her work, she is currently pursuing an honorary degree in Sociology and Ethnographic Film.