• Jamna Kinaare Mora Sheher by Tushar Kanoi
  • Jamna Kinaare Mora Sheher by Tushar Kanoi

Jamna Kinaare Mora Sheher by Tushar Kanoi

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The city of Delhi grew around the Yamuna. The river stretches from Palla in the North to Jaitpur in the south, and her floodplains are homes to generations of farmers who live and work on these lands. The vegetables they grow here feed the entire city. However, they live and work in extreme vulnerability, under the constant threat of eviction. Their presence in the floodplains has been systemically criminalised and they are treated like pariahs in the city. Their homes and fields have been invisibilized by the city's planners. Every single day they struggle, against the government, against the citizenry, against rains and against the Yamuna herself. This print is a small attempt to give the farmers and their cause the visibility they deserve.

Medium : Linocut print on Cartridge Paper

Size : 12.9" x 11.2"

Edition of 6

Framing : Unframed

Artwork is signed by the artist

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Tushar is an architect from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. His practice works towards urban development and public policy, with an emphasis on housing and land rights for disadvantaged communities. He is currently pursuing his dissertation with Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, on the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), India’s national slum rehabilitation housing policy. He also works as a printmaker, illustrator and writer, and has had his work published across various public platforms.