• Queer Contagion | Storytelling Performances - Method Bandra

Queer Contagion | Storytelling Performances - Method Bandra

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Date : Wednesday, 21 June

Time : 7pm onwards

Ticket includes one espresso based coffee or a Haiku cooler. 


What is Queer Contagion? 

Join us for an eventful evening featuring captivating storytelling performances in direct response to liactuallee's "Soft Invasions." 

Delving into themes of transgression, breaking down binary constructs, and imagining utopian realms brimming with queer joy. Witness the fusion of fiber arts and spoken word, blending together at the crossroads of intimate community connections. Prepare to be enthralled as these incredible performers bring to life a tapestry of poignant narratives, infusing tender profanities with sheer brilliance.

About the performers: 

Gurleen Arora
Gurleen, also known as Melancholia, is a Queer Non-Binary Gender fluid thespian, Drag Artist, Curator, and Community builder. They co-founded The Gay Gaze Bombay, an organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA++ community through Art & Culture.

Doel Rakshit

Doel is a writer, vocalist, performing artist, and trans rights activist who prioritizes sharing stories before they are told. She is passionate about advocating for transgender rights.

Rayyan Monkey

Rayyan Monkey is a Muslim transgender woman who excels as a writer, content creator, and communications strategist. As a certified Diversity and Inclusion consultant, she uses her skills to conduct workshops and training sessions, addressing issues surrounding representation and advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Divya Menon 

Divya is a non-binary digital marketing professional, drag artist, and plus-size nude model who discovered solace in spoken word, where their voice and opinions find a meaningful place on this planet, allowing for vibrant self-expression.