Timelines by Ujjwal Agarwal

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A live animated generated artwork by Ujjwal Agarwal.

This artwork will be minted on the Tezos blockchain and transferred to your Tezos compatible wallet. The Method team will connect with you and talk you through the process in case you are not familiar with Tezos. 

If you are familiar with Tezos, you can also mint this work directly on fx(hash)

Time as a concept has been explored by scientists, philosophers, and some of the greatest thinkers to have ever lived. Dating back to 2650 BC when ancient Egyptians explored time as a resource limited to duration of life, moving on to the Vedas tracking the cycles of creation and destruction, or when the Incas believed space and time to be a single concept. Even for modern day scientists, time continues to be a constant exploration as an idea, philosophy, and scientific unit.

More importantly, time served (and continues to serve) as a way to document life itself. Events, movements, periods, the past, present, and future all stem from the idea of sequence, and in turn create a timeline for humankind.

With his debut solo exhibition, Ujjwal Agarwal interprets and visualizes time and its movement through the medium of a custom-coded computer algorithm furthering a centuries old conversation on the construct of time itself. Timelines can be classified as a singular creation but its constantly evolving nature raises the impact of time on humankind. It is a constant, yet at the same time, we don't know what it holds in store for us.

Timelines is a live animated piece that draws itself based on the current time of the day. The hour() decides the number of horizontal rows, the minute() decides the number of vertical lines and the whole piece’s movement is synced to every second(). 

Demo to the project : https://main.d2535sx1uv5nm1.amplifyapp.com/