Aastha Patel

Aastha Patel (b. 1996) is a visual artist from Mumbai, based in London. She is currently pursuing a masters in photography at the Royal College of Art. She explores in her work the body and its relation to natural formations, and the capacity for images to be translated into sculptural objects via alternative photographic processes. The studio, the apparatus that helps her create and the environment she inhabits all become motifs in her work. 

By looking at the body as a material affected by gravity (weight) and light(photography), one can separate it from patriarchal representations and seek deeper connections that the body has with the environment. May it be the greater outdoors, natural rock formations or even the interiority of a studio. The body then goes beyond gender and objectification and becomes a material similar to fabric or stone. The purpose then is to question both; the construct of body image and  image making.

Aastha works with Photography, Collages, Textile, sculpture and ceramics