Urban, Street & Contemporary Art by emerging artists from around the world.


"Perfect" by Aniruddh Mehta (a.k.a thebigfatminimalist)

Aniruddh Mehta’s ongoing series ‘Perfect’ presents acrylic paintings that explore the interconnectivity of repetition, erosion, rhythm and texture. It opens dialogue regarding an individual’s need to strive for what is considered to be perfect and the acceptance of imperfections that are inherent in the process of creation.

"What Remains" - A Group Exhibit

The seismic shift taking place in society as we know it, we are faced with a question: Through constant change, is there strength in what remains?

In regard to the personal or the intimate, life may be nothing more than a stripping away. But when something fades away, does newness ever bloom?

Without any elaboration or discussion, we asked four artists to give their own interpretation for a simple yet complex phrase: What Remains?

Featuring works by Yashwant SinghArshi SayedBhagyashri Dange and Roshni Bhatia

  1. Information Architecture™ by Kunel Gaur

    Information ArchitectureTM is a collection of contemplative abstract sculptural works and bricolage that play upon the absence of function whilst still using all kinds of functional aesthetics, and hardware - in the way that the only purpose they are left with is to exist.

  2. Inflorescence by Osheen Siva

    Inspired by her Tamil and Dalit heritage, and fueled by speculative fiction, Osheen Siva weaves a future universe of amalgamation and imaginations.