About Us

Method is an independent creative art space in Mumbai’s art district, Kala Ghoda. Adding to the fabric of this eclectic city, the space elevates artists breaking traditional definitions of “fine art”.  Contemporary, street, modern and at times even classic art that embodies boldness of form and freedom from the norm, Method is the fringe leftfield.

The artists exhibiting at Method are typically mid-career artists on track to leave a mark on modern art history. As an art space, Method becomes an active participant in each individual’s artistic journey. By providing a platform where artists can create work as they envision it, unhindered by the restrictions of commissioned or client work, the true essence of their artistic vision emerges.

Method consciously works towards representing artists from all genders. Male artists are often given the most visibility in global art communities and this is a suppression of the expression of a large voice that deserves a captive audience in society. Our initial curation through 2019 consists of a balanced ratio of male and female artists, and we look forward to working with artists of all genders and communities.

For more information, send us an email at transmissions@themethod.in. 

For any queries, contact us on +91 9821114562