Gargi Chandola

Gargi Chandola is a self trained visual artist based in New Delhi, India. 

Her work focuses, in no particular order, between observations of the self, the everyday and her imaginings. Within these observations her work gravitates towards themes of feminism, personal history, violence, socio-political hierarchy and she often articulates these in her works by filtering them with a touch of humour. She creates paintings (primarily on paper), illustrated zines and large scale murals. 

Gargi Chandola is the co-founder of Post-Art Project, a multi- disciplinary arts studio. She is currently training in Pahari Miniature under the mentorship of a master artist. Her work has been showcased at The India Art Fair, New Delhi (2020), The Irregulars Art Fair, New Delhi (2019), ME-WE Exhibit, The American centre, New Delhi (2018), Art Konsult, New Delhi, Indianama at Rich Mix London as part of London Design Festival (2017).