1. Mute/Unmute by Various Artists

    Mute/Unmute emerges as an exploration of the present and the absent, and how that defines perception and anticipation. Does color dictate influence or does influence dictate color? What perceptions and expectations accompany the presence or absence of hue, and are they invariably accurate?

    Dates: April 20 - May 26, 2024

    Venue: Method Kala Ghoda

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  2. Gaza by Bashar Alimour

    All of Bashar’s digital artworks can be collected by making a donation in the amount of the listed price directly to Bashar’s GoFundMe. This is solidarity not charity, to help Bashar & his family survive displaced life in Rafah or to leave Gaza for safety if that becomes possible. Right now, it costs approximately 5000 USD to get one person’s name added to the list of those who can leave Gaza to Egypt.
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  3. Electric Floral Fantasy by Eeshani Mitra

    Extending beyond traditional narratives and formats, the body of work is a window to a surreal world, which is scanned and sometimes moulded in wax by the artist. Interested in the physical interaction of the viewer and the work, Mitra’s wax-works invite the viewers to touch and investigate the surface of her immersion experiments.
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  4. Growing Pains by Revant Dasgupta

    Through memories of different phases of their life, the series explores the idea of taking common institutions of identity that are handed to a person at birth and deconstructing them with the objective of putting them together in a way that feels personal.
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  5. Super Bardo by Priyesh T

    'Super Bardo' is a crossover series that intertwines two seemingly disparate worlds: the iconic 'Super Mario' universe and the esoteric 'Bardo Thodol,' also known as 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead.'
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  6. Add To Cart by Abhay Sehgal

    "Add to Cart" ultimately challenges us to confront the commodification of our identities and the increasingly blurred line between who we are and what we own. It invites us to question the narratives we construct through our purchases and consider the true cost of our desires. Each piece has an underlying story, making the collection like the treasure trove of short stories.
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