1. Effection by Hansika Mangwani

    Effection is a multisensorial biofeedback experience that highlights the dynamic interconnections between our heart, breath and emotions.

    In collaboration with Myles & Aman Jagwani.

    Phase 1
    Interoceptive Illuminations (Light Sculptures)
    Thu, 14 Sept – Sun, 15 Oct

    Phase 2

    The Effection Experience (Immersive Installation)
    Thu, 21 Sept – Sun, 15 Oct

    Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

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  2. Her, Here by Santosh Jain

    Her, Here depicts women in their most natural state, open to themselves. Alone and bare, a woman answers to no one. This show presents individuality, real emotions, and true strength inherent to a woman, including the artist herself.

    Venue : Method Juhu

    Dates : Sept 8 - Oct 1, 2023 

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  3. Baad Me Aana by Mohd. Intiyaz

    "In my community, there are many who accept the lack of basic amenities and human dignity as luck. We make peace with things as they are under the ...
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  4. A Reverie Of A Memory by Anilakumar Govindappa

    Known for capturing small moments in ordinary life and expanding them into the extraordinary, in A Reverie of a Memory, Anilakumar Govindappa relives the moments of his distant and not so distant past spread across cities.

    Venue : Method Juhu

    Dates : 15th July - 21st August 2023

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  5. You Amongst Me by Shweta Urane

    Through her show, You Amongst Me, Shweta makes viewers hyperaware that when we are the onlooker, we only see a part, rather than the totality of a human’s identity.

    Venue : Method Bandra

    Dates : July 1 - July 30, 2023

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  6. Bodies, Space, & Time (Group Exhibit)

    Step into a realm where bodies, space, and time converge, unveiling a profound entanglement.

    Dates : Thursday, 6th July - Sunday, 30th July

    Venue : Method Kala Ghoda


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