1. Can We Talk? by Mohd. Intiyaz

    Throughout his life, Intiyaz has been in the middle of various social situations and family experiences that had lasting impact on his memories and artistic sensitivity. His artwork often sheds light on crucial childhood events related to migration and marginalization. Realising many of these hardships were not unique, but often a shared reality, he started to question why injustice is overlooked as a societal norm—and why it is so hard to talk about it openly. While camouflaging high tension citizen crises, each artwork presents us with an underlying question regarding labour, production, protest, and identity.

    Show Dates : Saturday, 30th July - Sunday, 7th August 2022

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  2. Lysergic Da(y)ze by Varsha Kumar

    An in-gallery residency and exhibition by Bangalore based artist Varsha Kumar. 

    By drowning out the world with multiple sensory triggers the artist attempts to enter a temporary zen state, and subsequently deploys various auto drawing techniques, letting the ink flow to create the work.

    Show Dates : Saturday, 16th July - Sunday, 7th August 2022

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  3. A Summer Slumber by Zahra Amiruddin

    Zahra Amiruddin's solo exhibition, A Summer Slumber, is a culmination of a collective stream of consciousness, brought upon by the change of patterns, self-reflection, and growth. The photographs are shifting memories, moving between the past and the present through digital and analogue imagery, and multiple videos. 

    Show Dates:

    Sunday, 15th May - Wednesday, 15th June 2022

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  4. 384,400 Kms From Home by Aashim Tyagi

    "...These pictures are part map part eulogy to something that feels far more kindred than any home I have known” - Aashim Tyagi

    Show Dates : Saturday, 2nd July 2022 to Sunday, 31st July 2022 

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  5. Fresh Produce

    For the first time ever, India Art Fair has nominated a ‘Young Patron of the Year’, the rising musical stars MadStarBase, who will introduce the new up-and-coming Mumbai gallery, Method, in a special exhibition titled ‘Fresh Produce’ during India Art Fair week in New Delhi.

    An extraordinary example of peer support, the collaboration marks the widening and coming together of cultural universes to build culture and the arts far more collaboratively in an age of hyper connectivity.

    Show Dates : Saturday, 23rd April 2022 to Sunday, 1st May 2022 

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  6. Muse

    Art is a trace of the world it exists within. When we disallow women’s observations of the world, there is something that is irrevocably lost and forgotten.

    So where are the women painting women?
    We put out an open call to find out, and received submissions from across the country; certainly just a fraction of the voices waiting to own and share the narrative of their bodies.

    Show Dates : Thursday, 7 April 2022 to Sunday, 24 April 2022 

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