1. Fresh Lime Soda by Kashin Patel

    The Headspace series is a meditation of the creative process. It is interested in chasing a thought back to its origin. It watches as the mind flits between the meaning of each line the hand makes and the milk that may or may not have been boiled in the kitchen. It comes from a place of anxiety but the hope is that it won’t end there. Fresh lime soda, the most current practice within the Headspace series, focuses on the repetition of mark-making, the thoughts that flood the mind and the ones that leave a void.
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  2. Soft Invasions, Stitch-punk Visions. by liactualee

    Colorful organisms spread rapidly, spilling over the squared-off edges of a world bleached of color by smog, rising temperatures, and habitat loss. Regenerative life forms shapeshift, disrupt, and transgress borders, ephemeral but tenacious. Do we react with excitement or fear to this queer invasion? How have they adapted to survive, even thrive, in the toxicity left behind by human activity?

    With no land, they make their own world.

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  3. The Circle by Rohan Joglekar

    An exhibition celebrating 4/20 featuring art by Rohan Joglekar, ceramics by Mihir Suvanam and Clayton D'Souza, and herbal blends by smoothmix.
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  4. Habitat by Vishakha Jindal

    In a splash of color, ‘Habitat’ journeys through the microscopic to the vast. This playful take on natural habitats ushers in an adventure where organic, free-flowing forms and shapes coexist in harmony.

    With youthful freedom, the dance of shapes and patterns create biomorphic-themed settings designed for uninhibited imagination. In this body of work, the artist invites the viewer to embrace their natural sense of wonder.

    Dates : 1st April - 16th April

    Venue : Method Bandra

    RSVP : https://themethod.art/pages/events

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  5. The Universe Is Listening by Tia Shah

    People fall into three categories: those who believe in the power of the universe, those who don’t—and those who aren’t quite sure.

    Tia Shah is the first kind of person. Through her practice of ink & watercolor bleeds, she leaves much of her creation to a force stronger than herself.

    Dates : 25th Feb - 11th March 2023

    Venue : Method Bandra

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  6. Kindness Is Your Weapon by Mujer Gitana

    Behind every war there is a battle to overcome. This collection of works presents and plays with peaceful weapons capable of winning battles. Through love, forgiveness, and compassion everything generates the energy that you bring to it.

    Show Dates : 12th January 2023 - 12th February 2023

    Show Location : Method Bandra

    Entry : Free

    RSVP : https://themethod.art/pages/events

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