The Circle by Rohan Joglekar

TLDR : The Circle is the closest group of people we blaze with.
Social and human connections are defined by degrees and layers of trust and reliability. The Circle—or more specifically, the inner circle—has always represented a group of people with a high degree of trust and connection. A collective that implies reliability and embodies a shared collective consciousness and value & belief system.
Consumption of derivates from the Cannabis plant have been said (and proven) to enhance happiness, joy, and philosophical inquiry amongst other things. Commonly consumed in a group setting, the participatory humans come together to form The Circle. The last century has seen the legal status of the substance shift from unregulated to illegalised to decriminalised to medicinally legalised and currently is being legalised in an increasing number of nations around the world.
This 4/20, Method curates art by Rohan Joglekar, ceramic functional accessories by Clayton and Mihir, and herbal blends by smoothmix to celebrate the history, social impacts and general appreciation for the substance and its many effects. 

Venue : Method Bandra

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