1. The Toy Face Tour by Amrit Pal Singh

    Amrit Pal Singh's lovable toy faces are a celebration of a whimsical childhood that transcends age and persists through adulthood. A delightful sense of playfulness characterizes Amrit's 3D toy-like renditions of characters, figures, and movements through contemporary culture. Method & Hefty.Art present a 3 city tour featuring a physical toy room made to human scale, a new collection of Toy Faces and a presentation of Amrit's previous Toy Faces.

    Dates :
    Stir, Delhi : April 28 - May 7, 2023
    Method Kala Ghoda, Mumbai : June 8 - June 25, 2023
    Church Street Social, Bangalore : July 7 - July 23, 2023

    REGISTER : https://themethod.art/pages/events

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  2. The Circle by Rohan Joglekar

    An exhibition celebrating 4/20 featuring art by Rohan Joglekar, ceramics by Mihir Suvanam and Clayton D'Souza, and herbal blends by smoothmix.
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  3. (Systems)™ by Kunel Gaur

    A solo exhibition by Kunel Gaur that explores urban landscapes and design. Presented by Method at STIR, Delhi.

    Dates : 9 - 26 Feb 2023

    Venue : STIR Gallery

    RSVP : https://themethod.art/pages/events

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