(Systems)™ by Kunel Gaur

Method presents (Systems)™ by Kunel Gaur at Stir (Delhi) as an India Art Fair Parallel Event. 

With his second solo exhibition with Method, Kunel furthers his exploration of design in urban landscapes and architecture. Inspired by the details in cities around the world, Kunel’s fascination with the symbols, typography, hardware, patterns and colours converges in an articulation that speculates the balanced beauty and form of the elements that primarily serve a function for urban dwellers. 

The evolution of Kunel’s work now utilises screws, lights (LED & Neon), acrylic sheets, toughened glass, paint and found objects and presents them in his signature minimal style. The show also features digital explorations of the same theme.

Exhibition Dates : 9-26 Feb 2023

Venue : Stir Gallery, 2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms

RSVP : https://themethod.art/pages/events

The Artist

Kunel Gaur Photo


Kunel Gaur is a creative director/designer whose personal visual style is inspired by functional design and brutalist architecture and design movement that emerged in the 1950s and has come to evolve as a response to the overwhelming use of embellishment on visual communication both online and offline.

Kunel's creative process feeds on channeled thoughts or ideas and found sensibilities. Looking at reconstruction and appropriation as means to create a sensory overlap and extract new meaning, he creates a variety of assemblages from the material around him. He builds using architectural material like wood, concrete, resin, metal, acrylic paint, screen printing techniques, glass and electricals amongst other such. He often mixes his work with the written word, flirting with what could be called prose, poetry or at once both. His work has been discussed on Hypebeast, Icographica, Vogue, Colossal, Bored Panda, Picame, Fubiz amongst others.

He is the co-founder and CEO of NUBULA. Based in Toronto, Nubula is a location based, augmented reality platform connecting creators and brands with collectors and fans. Recent clients include Kanye West’s jeen-yuhs and Nike.

Kunel is also the founder of ANIMAL, an independent creative agency that was recently called one of the 100 fastest growing agencies worldwide, by Adweek. From starting as a design studio, Kunel has driven ANIMAL into becoming a full-service creative agency working with startups and fortune 100 brands in areas like digital marketing, social media, branding, apparel, amongst other things.

In 2016, he launched INDIANAMA, a non-profit platform aggregating the new Indian aesthetic. He curated projects with 70+ artists each year for 4 years building narratives around the history and future of India and Indian design. The project traveled to the London Design Festival, TEDx and more recently Jerusalem Design Week.

Kunel held his first solo exhibition, Information Architecture™ at Method during Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2022.