Interdimensional Hypnosees by J. Demsky

Since the beginning of our existence, people have been curious about the future.The quest to shape tomorrow, pushing forth advancement while avoi- ding destruction, is a defining characteristic of humankind. Demsky, a pioneer of the burgeoning neo-futurist movement, has led and inspired a way to interpret and imagine what this might be.

His evolution of future aesthetics started with murals in the 1990s, paintings in the 2000s, and now sculptures in the second decade of the century. This new phase of Demsky’s journey is a refined exploration of the coalescence of materials and mediums in times to come. As a viewer, the unders- tanding is a little more fantastic. If we believe that the future could exist in parallel to the present in a different dimension, would it be possible for an individual to travel between the two unnoticed? Can a sliver of the future be brought back in time and presented to us today? Demsky's objects would most certainly make you believe it’s a possibility. An Interdimensional Being is de­fined as one that can travel between dimensions. Through his body of work, Demsky awakens us to the experience.