Kindness Is Your Weapon by Mujer Gitana

Behind every war there is a battle to overcome. This collection of works presents and plays with peaceful weapons capable of winning battles. Through love, forgiveness, and compassion everything generates the energy that you bring to it. If you respond with violence to a situation of violence, the result is the sum of the two: more violence. On the other hand, if you add compassion, the formula is distorted and the result can be to help others or yourself to live in a more peaceful world. “Kindness is Your Weapon” is an invitation to understand peaceful responses as weapons with the possibility of leave this world a little better.

In the works, symbols such as doors, wells (depths of the earth), nature, and places of balance are represented and accompanied by weapons—or tools—that hold a new, peaceful meaning. If used correctly, we can reach new places of peace and beauty.

Show Dates : 12th January 2023 - 12th February 2023

Show Location : Method Bandra

Entry : Free



The Artist


Mujer Gitana began her artistic career with graffiti in 2004, in this format she found a starting point where she could investigate her language through shapes, letters and colors. With time and maturity, graffiti becomes a means of sharing existential

messages of love and positivism, as an exercise in healing through creativity. After having traveled around the world for 18 years painting graffiti, she begins to share other types of more figurative works with the main objective of healing through creativity and reflection on vital issues.

A trip to the imaginary psychedelia, the mystical, graffiti, labels and nostalgia for a world that is about to transform.