1. Add To Cart by Abhay Sehgal

    "Add to Cart" ultimately challenges us to confront the commodification of our identities and the increasingly blurred line between who we are and what we own. It invites us to question the narratives we construct through our purchases and consider the true cost of our desires. Each piece has an underlying story, making the collection like the treasure trove of short stories.
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  2. A Mind Within A Space by Mona Sharma

    ‘A Mind Within A Space’ is a place of reliability. It is an invitation to an inquiry of the intricate relationship we share with our intimate world—that which houses us—and the interplay of this relationship. 

    Dates : Oct 27- Nov 19, 2023

    Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

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  3. Baad Me Aana by Mohd. Intiyaz

    "In my community, there are many who accept the lack of basic amenities and human dignity as luck. We make peace with things as they are under the ...
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  4. You Amongst Me by Shweta Urane

    Through her show, You Amongst Me, Shweta makes viewers hyperaware that when we are the onlooker, we only see a part, rather than the totality of a human’s identity.

    Venue : Method Bandra

    Dates : July 1 - July 30, 2023

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  5. Bodies, Space, & Time (Group Exhibit)

    Step into a realm where bodies, space, and time converge, unveiling a profound entanglement.

    Dates : Thursday, 6th July - Sunday, 30th July

    Venue : Method Kala Ghoda


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  6. Lines of Inquiry by Ashna Malik

    Through paintings, interactive projections, and laser cut wall sculptures, Ashna’s work nudges the viewer to question the nature of their own reality. What do they see and how do they understand it?

    Dates : Thursday, 11th May - Sunday, 28th May 2023

    Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

    RSVP : https://themethod.art/pages/events


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