Fresh Lime Soda by Kashin Patel

Making a line, then another line, after another, after another, my mind wanders.

I get lost in the lines, marks, and the surface holding droplets of wet ink on its body.

My hand moves in a repetition of quick short lines of juicy ink. It has intricacies that would hold you, if only you let them. I like the texture it makes, like that of a sponge. Reminds me, my bottle needs a wash. It smells, still, of the lime from my fresh lime soda. Hmm lemon. Maybe I need another bottle for my fresh lime sodas. Or maybe I just need to start drinking them in a glass.

The drawing stops, and so does the thought that was making it. It’s a snap or a thud that never really happened.

The Headspace series is a meditation of the creative process. It is interested in chasing a thought back to its origin. It watches as the mind flits between the meaning of each line the hand makes and the milk that may or may not have been boiled in the kitchen. It comes from a place of anxiety but the hope is that it won’t end there. fresh lime soda, the most current practice within the Headspace series, focuses on the repetition of mark-making, the thoughts that flood the mind and the ones that leave a void. The current direction of my practice points also to where narratives begin and how they find the final shape they fit in.

Dates: Nov 4- Nov 26, 2023

Venue: Method Bandra