The Universe Is Listening by Tia Shah

People fall into three categories: those who believe in the power of the universe, those who don’t—and those who aren’t quite sure.

Tia Shah is the first kind of person. Through her practice of ink & watercolor bleeds, she leaves much of her creation to a force stronger than herself. The universe guides the flow of paint, sometimes forming large pools of colors fading out into the distance, contributing to a subtle vastness of the work. Other times, the colors stay close to their origin point, rooted but prominent. The varied saturation and expanse are the reaction of effort and serendipity.

 After surrendering control of the process, she acknowledges that her participation in the end result matters by adding the final adornments in pen or more precise brush strokes.

 This dialogue between the artist and her materials replicates that of the individual and the divine. Our contribution is in seeking and the universe responds as it listens.

Exhibition Dates : 25th Feb - 11th March 2023

Venue : Method Bandra

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