1. Hello World by Sujat Roy

    Sujat Roy announces his debut show Hello World featuring new paintings, digital art installations and sculptures. The works are inspired by the artist’s interest in pop art, internet memes and hype culture.

    Show Dates : 27th October to 3rd November 2022

    Show Location : Method Kala Ghoda - https://g.page/MethodKalaGhoda


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  2. A Small Part Of The Big Picture

    The Webb telescope photos affirmed what we already knew: we are miniscule beyond miniscule in 2022’s largest picture of things. In the vastness of existence against the history and future of time, we are utterly insignificant. Yet, we are but a blip in this wide expanse. Each momentary choice of community, solitude, building up, tearing down, action and inaction, contributes to the pushing forth or deterioration of society, perhaps even of a universe. Yet, it also doesn’t; not really. This group show reflects upon the beauty and pain, the burden and joy, of being a small part of such a big picture in our lineage, societies, and beyond.

    Location : Method Bandra

    Dates : 20th October to 16th November 2022

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  3. Song To Self

    A tribute to Lal Ded, 14th century Kashmiri mystic whose songs make more sense today than ever before in their inimitable style : using scrap and discards to create stunning art.

    Location : Method Kala Ghoda

    Dates : 7th October to 21st October 2022

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  4. The Monsoon Room

    The Monsoon Room at Method, Bandra creates a moody haze around the city’s monsoon with photography, graphic, text / poetry and monsoon inspired merchandise.

    Curated by Himanshu Verma, featuring works by Abeer Khan, Hiten Sondagar and Jaidev Tripathy.

    Location : Method Bandra

    Dates : 24th September to 16th October 2022

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  5. Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense by Shaina Nikam

    Does art even make sense? You, the viewer, make sense of it. But before you process what’s in front of you, through your personal reality, there’s a split second where art is purely stimulus being sensed by sense organs.

    Show Dates : Saturday, 27th August to Wednesday, 14th September

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  6. Free The Speech by C.A.T.S

    A site-specific installation on Free Speech by C.A.T.S (Create Against The System) - an anonymous, decentralised, network of artists and activists.

    Show Dates : Thursday, 18th August to Saturday, 1st October. 

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