Electric Floral Fantasy by Eeshani Mitra

Electric Floral Fantasy is Eeshani Mitra’s second solo at Method and her first solo exhibition at Method - Kala Ghoda, Mumbai where Mitra lives and works. This new body of work includes a series of printed photographic installations, video installation and wax-works, the exhibition continues Eeshani’s exploration of natural and synthetic materials, giving rise to works where the foreign and the familiar collide. With her abstract photographic compositions that are created by employing a range of image production techniques, she creates a dialogue between the natural and the unnatural, immersing the viewer in the details of its elements. Extending beyond traditional narratives and formats, the body of work is a window to a surreal world, which is scanned and sometimes moulded in wax by the artist. Interested in the physical interaction of the viewer and the work, Mitra’s wax-works invite the viewers to touch and investigate the surface of her immersion experiments. Textures emerge, as the nooks and groves that tend to go amiss show themselves amongst the space occupied in the wax by floral articles, nylon, paints, plastic, moss and other organic materials.