Mute/Unmute by Various Artists

Mute/Unmute emerges as an exploration of the present and the absent, and how that defines perception and anticipation. Does color dictate influence or does influence dictate color? What perceptions and expectations accompany the presence or absence of hue, and are they invariably accurate? Existence comprises a tapestry of experiences, yet does the decision to mute or embrace color carry implicit meaning? This exhibition scrutinizes the nuanced messaging underlying the presentation of muted and unmuted elements.

Dates: April 20 - May 26, 2024

Venue: Method Kala Ghoda

Participating Artists: 

Nilanjan Das

Satyanarayan Gavara

Samiran Dey

Pulak K Sarkar

Shweta Urane

Sandeep Parmar

Harsh Kumar

Anikesa Dhing

Kritika Goel