Where India Dries Its Clothes by Karan Khosla

'Where India Dries Its Clothes' is an intimate visual exploration born from a decade-long observation during my extensive travels across India. What began as an exercise that was simply visually interesting has evolved into a unique reflection on the intricate lives and landscapes that define this diverse nation. ​​

The series encapsulates the universal act of drying clothes, one that transcends geographical, social, and economic boundaries. From prime tiger territories in Central India to remote villages in North Sikkim, vaccination camps in Mumbai to surf schools in Karnataka, bustling urban areas to remote mountain communities, this collection reflects the omnipresent and unifying nature of this everyday chore, highlighting this shared experience despite varied circumstances.

Beyond the visual aesthetic, my intention behind this project is rooted in a desire to challenge prevailing narratives about India. As a photographer, I am committed to portraying the authentic essence of everyday existence without ‘exoticizing’ it for external consumption. There wasn't a grand blueprint for this project; rather, it emerged organically from my travels and observations. It's a celebration of the simplicity and complexity found in the mundane aspects of life.

The series doesn't aim to revolutionize but to present an earnest portrayal of a subtle yet significant aspect of life in India. So far the project has been largely incidental, where I was travelling for a work shoot or for leisure and have actively searched for people drying their clothes, often hurriedly and with limited time on my hands. I have not had the resources to travel with the sole purpose of shooting for this project.

Venue : Method Bandra

Dates : 26h May to 30th June 2024

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