Hansika Mangwani

Hansika Mangwani is an emerging artist specializing in new media and mixed media art, currently based in Pune, India. As a new media artist, Hansika derives her creative inspiration from the reservoir of memories deeply embedded in her cultural heritage and upbringing. These foundational influences seamlessly meld with her profound scientific curiosity, harmonizing emotion and rationale into a cohesive whole. Her artistic expressions find an exquisite harmony among light, sound, space, and time, meticulously orchestrating a symphony aimed at illuminating the intricate subconscious dynamics woven within the complex fabric of the human physiological and emotional systems. At the core of her artistic perspective resides a graceful convergence—a fusion where technology, science, and humanity coalesce. This alliance gives birth to narratives that catalyse transformation and elicit positive emotional responses, nurturing the very core of well-being. With a prior background in the realm of Virtual Reality, Hansika’s fervor extends towards interweaving the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies with the tangible realm. Her objective is to harness art as an innovative conduit, transcending its conventional form to evolve into a dynamic vessel for introspection and profound transformation.