Effection by Hansika Mangwani

Effection is a multisensorial biofeedback experience that highlights the dynamic interconnections between our heart, breath and emotions. 

The immerseive art experience invites you to embark on a transformative expedition, to rediscover both self and environment through a fusion of sensory stimuli.

A mirror to your inner landscape, Effection gently steers you from your present state towards a harmonious state of coherence - where heart rhythms, breathing patterns and emotions synchronize - through meditative cycles of light and sound. 

Guided by heart rate sensors, the installation dynamically responds to the rhythms of your heart, transmuting them into cascading gradients of light and enveloping sound - an immersive biofeedback experience that invites you to explore the intricate connections between your heart, breath, and emotions. By incorporating principles of color psychology and emotional mapping, Effection serves as an enduring reminder of our profound interconnectedness, guiding us on a path towards enhanced well-being and self-discovery. 

Join us in this shared realm of reflective presence, where technology merges seamlessly with introspection, and the convergence of heartbeats, breathing rhythms, light and sound whisper a tale of rediscovery.

Effection has been developed by Hansika Mangwani, in collaboration with Aaron Myles Pereira and Aman Jagwani.

Exhibition Dates : 21 Sept - 14 Oct 2023

Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

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