Anumehaa Jain

Anumeha Jain, a burgeoning abstract artist hailing from New Delhi, India, immerses herself in the vibrant palette and dynamic movements of the universe. Her creations reflect the perpetual dance of life and death, where cells are born and perish in sync with the ongoing events in the world. Jain, inspired by a lifelong quest to understand God, embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery. She perceives a hidden world within, a realm where intelligence orchestrates the intricate dance of cells, crafting beautiful structures spontaneously. Through her art, Jain delves into the depths of her spirituality, transitioning from the abstract to the tangible and back again. Her paintings offer a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of our inner world—a terrain shaped by instincts, senses, cognition, and memory. Jain's work not only explores the enigmatic secrets of existence but also contemplates the divine force that breathes life into every moment.