• A Peasant Of El Salvador | Method Juhu | Live Theatre

A Peasant Of El Salvador | Method Juhu | Live Theatre

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Venue : Method Juhu

Date : Wednesday, 26th July

Time : 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

The play is a riveting, funny and heartwarming story of a hill farmer and his family set against the backdrop of the civil unrest of the late 1970s.

Three narrators take you on an exotic journey through the mountains and plains of Central America as they tell us the story of a simple peasant with a big family, a big heart and a small piece of land. Although set in a country and time far away, the events bear a remarkable resemblance to events in India today – the dynastic thirst for power, the blatant genocide, the license raj, the people’s movement to protest injustice, and the rise of an unlikely hero. Filled with Spanish ballads, election spoofs, comical Americans, a magical set design, and a whole lot more, the play is both a quick peek into history as well as a humorous look in the mirror.

The play first opened in September 2013, at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai.

Duration of the play: 80 minutes

Suitable for ages 12+

Language: English with Hindi & a touch of Spanish

Written by Peter Gould and Stephen Stearns

Directed by Q

Performed by Meher Acharia-Dar, Pramod Pathak, Suhaas Ahuja

Light Design: Arghya Lahiri

Production Design: Q & Dhanendra Kawade

Creative Producer: Toral Shah

Executive Producer: Vivek Rao

Production Team: Hardik Shah, Rachit Khetan, Srishti Ray

The play will start on time. No late entry allowed.

Seating is a mix of floor, benches & chairs. Benches & chairs first reserved for elderly & those who need; the rest is first come first served.