• Community Dinner | 28th Jan | Event | Method Bandra

Community Dinner | 28th Jan | Event | Method Bandra

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This is an experiment.

There’s not much to it. A group of near strangers dine together just for the sake of it.

For the second community dinner we will share a meal from Palestine-Syria-Lebanon. The menu is TBD - depending on what my unofficial mother thinks I can pull off ;). But it will be vegetarian (which means to most people in this region, it doesn't even constitute as a real meal lol).

I'm not a chef, so remember the food is secondary to the community. :) 

Date: Sunday, 28th Jan 2024

Time: 8:30pm-10pm

Where: Method Bandra

Please note: this will be the last community dinner for some time - unless someone else volunteers to play host (i will be traveling).