• Man-Eater : A Live Performance Piece by Gia_Dhadak & Noni-Mouse

Man-Eater : A Live Performance Piece by Gia_Dhadak & Noni-Mouse

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Method Presents "Man-Eater : A Live Performance Piece by Gia_Dhadak & Noni-Mouse"

Date : Saturday, 18th June 2022

Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

Time : 8 PM Onwards

All proceeds from ticket sales go to the performers.

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A live performance that showcases the fascinating journey of a young woman through a sexual encounter with her first partner. A trans media presentation via movement, music and poetry.
 The perfect khichdi of classical dance, movement and techno beats. An ode to classical Indian erotic poetry-  and a world long forgotten. The performance exhibits a unique narrative of female desire and the act of sex fused with a contemporary perspective, which constantly shifts based on the space in which it is performed. 

The presentation features composer and music producer Noni-Mouse and filmmaker and performer, Gia Dhadak. The pair have collaborated and produced various pieces of experimental work over the years, including live performances, music videos and audio pieces. They will be supported by a live event producer, Vinit Patil. 
Image by Jasmin A Singh