• Method Mixer Party | 20th Dec |  Method Juhu

Method Mixer Party | 20th Dec | Method Juhu

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Method Mixer at Juhu!

You asked; we answered. The Method Mixer is happening at Juhu! This is a place to have low-key casual conversations. Are you an introvert? This event is for you! Are you naturally social? This event is for you!

There's only one rule for the Method Mixer and that's do not talk about work! No "What do you do?" Instead ask each other: cats or dogs? Conspiracy about aliens? What's the worst film you've ever seen that everybody else seems to love? There's so much more to life than whatever helped you buy this ticket. 

Because Method Juhu is much bigger than Method Bandra, we may even play a game or two and have a few decks of cards lying around. Participation in this is, of course, optional.

Word on the street is that past mixers have led to actual friendships - and even out-of-Method meet-ups. 

Venue : Method Juhu

Date : Wednesday 20th December

Time : 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please note: Ticket cost includes lemonade and chips.