Deepshikha Khaitan

Deepshikha Khaitan's artistic expression is deeply rooted in symbolism, drawing inspiration from the dynamic and fast-paced nature of contemporary city life that surrounds her. Within her works, one witnesses the harmonious coexistence of disparate elements, such as the juxtaposition of age-old architecture adorned with Corinthian pillars and marble statues—a poignant reminder of Kolkata's historical significance during the British era—jostling for space alongside modern skyscrapers crafted from glass and steel. Through her compositions, she encapsulates the architectural evolution of the city, weaving together its rich history in a single frame.

People and trees emerge as central motifs in Khaitan's paintings. The former manifests as crowds with diverse expressions and personalities, while the latter, spanning over a century, stands resilient and unaffected by the passage of time. Within these compositions lie hidden elements—houses, doorways, windows, foliage, leaves, trees, and flowers—a subtle nod to the details often overlooked in the bustling city life. These concealed elements serve as a poignant reminder of the city's ability to accommodate substantial growth while retaining its intrinsic spirit.

Employing pen, ink, acrylic paints, and gold leaf, Deepshikha employs simple lines to fill the composition's vast spaces, working seamlessly on both paper and canvas. Her creative process typically commences with simple sketches or doodles. The fascination with the color gold finds its roots in Biblical art, where it symbolizes divine beings, grandeur, riches, and overall growth—an association that persists in contemporary times.

Khaitan's artistic vision is further enriched by the influence of Western art history, particularly drawing inspiration from Gustav Klimt's golden phase and his adept use of symbolic language. Additionally, she draws inspiration from the Byzantine period's iconography of winged angels. In amalgamating these diverse sources, her work becomes a conduit for a language of hope and positivity in the present era. It encourages the observer to seek solace in small and fragile motifs, serving as a gentle reminder that divine interventions and guidance often manifest in everyday details rather than grand actions.

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