Dharmendra Sahani

Having come from a rural area and settled in the city, Dharmendra holds a deep affection for the village from childhood. Belonging to a middle-class background and associated with labor work since youth, Dharmendra repeatedly depicts objects and persons personally linked to their life in their paintings. Daily events serve as sources of inspiration. Specific colors such as blue, brown, grey, and yellow ochre are frequently used. Dharmendra's texture technique is derived from observing their father's labor work in house painting. Past memories are represented as blurred images. Awaiting a surprising opportunity to change their life, Dharmendra prefers realistic and experimental works, reflecting a highly contemporary individual vision. Known for being enthusiastic, hardworking, and trustworthy, Dharmendra enjoys interacting with people, is a self-starter, and is committed to teamwork. Flexible with work hours and duties, Dharmendra excels in time management with a strong determination to succeed.