Harsh Kumar

Born in New Delhi, Harsh spent his formative years there. Additionally, he worked for a year at the Amar Nath Sehgal Private Collection, delving into the art of the renowned artist and researcher for the Sehgal Publication. Harsh draws inspiration from his mentors and their ethics, which are now woven into his artistic practice.

“I try to show my subject in a simplified manner as I think that art is inherent in humans' collective consciousness; it doesn’t need a language to define it."

His style encompasses a mix of Expressionism, Post-Expressionism, Abstraction, and Contemporary experimentation across various mediums such as Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Installation, Performance art, and Videography. He feels that when he creates art, it represents scenes he witnesses in society and certain events concerning personal thoughts. He believes that the real impetus comes from the subconscious mind, as theorised by Sigmund Freud.

His works have been showcased in the Kochi Biennale and Lalit Kala Akademy.