Sandeep Parmar

Hailing from Rajasthan, the artist Sandeep Parmar earned his Post Diploma in printmaking in 2022 from Maharaja Saiyajirao University Baroda. Sandeep seamlessly incorporates miniatures into his printing process, utilising techniques like etching, lithography, and woodcuts. His choice of Tempera color adds depth and vibrancy to his prints, while he incorporates elements like Hansiya, line, and woodcut of the miniature as embossing in his creations.

The focal point of Sandeep's artistic endeavors revolves around the theme of sexuality. In an environment characterized by conservatism, discussions around sexuality often take on a secretive nature. Expression is tightly controlled by factors such as family, the institution of marriage, and societal norms. Yet, beneath the surface of this latent sexuality lie profound human emotions—love, lust, desire, faith, and inner impulses.

Sandeep Parmar is passionately dedicated to unveiling these hidden sensibilities, aiming to bring them to the forefront and celebrate them through his art.