Santanu Hazarika

Santanu Hazarika is an visual artist based in Mumbai. He gave up engineering to become the first ever Redbull World Doodle Art Champion in 2014. In a short span of few years, Santanu has a substantial roster of clients such as Red Bull International,Adidas ,Reebok, Harper’s, NDTV, Ministry of Culture, Gully Gang, Azadi records, Ritviz, Nucleya, Major Lazer and hip-hop artists Raftaar among many others. He creates intricately detailed illustrations and paintings inspired by Japanese Anime and loves to explore themes relating to Mythology, philosophy and pop culture in his works. In addition, ‘live doodling’ and designing customised sneakers are some of his creative outlets. Working in a niche framework, Santanu is the perfect example of a self-taught, independent artist.