• Assemblage n.16, 2021 by Yaazd Contractor

Assemblage n.16, 2021 by Yaazd Contractor

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An original light sculpture by Yaazd Contractor

Size : 28”L x 9”W x 7”H

Medium : Aluminium, Glass, Neon, Argon, Hardware glass, neon, argon, hardware

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Yaazd Contractor is a disciplinary creator of both digital and physical, as well as fine and functional works.Having grown up in Mumbai, surfing the tidal waves of the internet and its open-source nature, and later maturing in the industrial heart of Chicago’s do-it-yourself scene, he constantly draws inspiration from the two cities and their zeitgeist.Architecture, video-games and music were integral facets of his upbringing, yet they fall out of their real-world applications and into heterotopias of their own in the objects he creates.Combining mass fabricated and computer generated objects with hand worked glass is his current oeuvre.