• Bing-Oh! Round 2 | 14th July | Workshop | Method Bandra

Bing-Oh! Round 2 | 14th July | Workshop | Method Bandra

Regular price Rs. 999.00

Bing-oh - An informal, non-competitive and game-based approach to quizzing for adults. No prior knowledge required; just bring your own curiosity!

A game-based experience, Bing-oh is an attempt at reframing quizzes as an interesting (and non-intimidating) way to learn about cool things that are culturally relevant and socially conscious. No points, no pressure.

This game workshop is always a super hit.

Date: Sunday, 14th July 2024

Time: 12pm - 2:00pm

Where: Method Bandra

The workshop price includes materials & one coffee-based drink or a lemonade.

Yooti Bhansali is a writer and creative professional who spends her time designing experiences that are curiosity forward, socially conscious, and culturally relevant by turning informal research into creative learning (without the mansplaining).