• Continuum by Akanksha (Akkudev) | Live Performance Art

Continuum by Akanksha (Akkudev) | Live Performance Art

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Continuum is a live performance art piece developed by movement based artist Akku. Developed in response to Timelines, a generative motion and sound based art installation by Ujjwal Agarwal, the performance explores the idea of the transient, impermanent and temporal nature of time and it's response to human intervention through dynamic, semi rehearsed and largely improv based movements and breathwork by Akku.

Akku's performance will be followed by a DJ set of electronic glitch and future beats by Ujjwal Agarwal.

Saturday, 8th April | 6 PM | Method Kala Ghoda

Capacity limited to strictly 30 people. Tickets are Rs.500 when booked in advance and Rs.800 at the door on the day of the event.

No cancellations / refunds.

About the Artist
Akanksha Dev (AkkuDev) is an artist/performer, based in Goa, who has worked and trained primarily in movement, dance, and theatre. She is currently exploring and experimenting with theories on body and identity, involving theories in quantum mechanics and theories in live performance. Her current practice involves methods in movement-body improvisation and radical experimentation in collaboration with sound artists.