• Forest Trails by Vishakha Jindal
  • Forest Trails by Vishakha Jindal

Forest Trails by Vishakha Jindal

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An original painting by Vishakha Jindal.

Size : 12" x 12"

Medium : Acrylic on Hardboard

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VIKIKI, also known as Vishakha Jindal, is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across a range of mediums including painting, paper cutouts, paper sculptures, and collaborations with ceramics, clothing, rugs and body art. For Vikiki, painting is a form of play, a way to engage with the medium and discover more about herself and the world around her. Her process is marked by impulsiveness, motion and movement as the elements of color, line, and form come together to create a visual habitat where they can co-exist in harmony. Vikiki’s abstraction aims to transcend cultural, societal, and political boundaries through a universal language that provokes and engages the viewer, providing a space for the audience to reflect and celebrate the beauty of life and the present moment. Her inspiration and style is characterized by a focus on harmony and balance as she responds to the elements on her canvas in an effort to tell an abstract story that can be interpreted in different ways by different viewers. She draws inspiration from the works of Keith Haring, Mattise, Da Vinci and the philosophies of Lao Tzu. In her personal background, Vikiki is drawn to the idea of play and the sense of freedom and creativity it can bring. She finds that interesting ideas often come to her when she is bored, and she looks back to her childhood memories of play as a source of inspiration. She is interested in rediscovering that feeling and exploring how close she can get to it in her work.