• Ink Wash Painting | 2nd Dec | Workshop | Method Juhu

Ink Wash Painting | 2nd Dec | Workshop | Method Juhu

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Ink wash painting, originating in China and later refined in Japan, offers a unique blend of artistry. On cartridge sheets, it enables the creation of intricate floral and abstract designs with a single brushstroke, using shading and pressure techniques. Join us for an immersive Ink Wash Painting workshop, where we'll explore the philosophy of Zen while enjoying a fun and enlightening session.

Japanese black ink paintings, known as "sumie," focus exclusively on black ink but employ various shading and gradation techniques, achieved by adjusting the ink's water content. Sumie, deeply rooted in Zen philosophy, places as much importance on empty spaces as it does on objects, embracing the "beauty of blank space" to complete its compositions.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the contemplative world of Ink Wash Painting through this workshop—a unique opportunity to connect with your philosophical side, drawing inspiration from the Zen tradition.

You will make your own painting using black Indian ink on cartridge sheets. 

Date: Sat, 2nd December 2023

Time: 11:30am-1:00pm 

Where: Method Juhu

Takeaway: One completed painting (A4 size)

About the Facilitator:

Trishna Patnaik (Fine Artist, Art Therapist, Healer and Wellness Author)

Trishna is a graduate in life sciences and an MBA in Marketing by qualification but an artist by choice. A self-taught artist based in Mumbai, Trishna has been practising art for over 15 years. After her professional stint in the corporate sector, she moved on in her pursuit of finding some true meaning in her life. She found her passion and respite in painting and is now a full-time professional painter, art therapist and healer. She works with people on a one-on-one basis and conducts regular painting workshops across Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India.  Trishna also fancies the art of creative writing and has been successfully doling out insightful and celebrated articles on healing, emotions, wellness and life experiences.