• Method Mixer Party | 18th Jan |  Method Bandra

Method Mixer Party | 18th Jan | Method Bandra

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Method Mixer is Back in Bandra :) 

Returning to where it all began, Method Bandra.

Get ready for some low-key, casual conversations with strangers. If you're an introvert, this event is for you. Are you naturally social? This event is for you too. 

One rule: you can't talk about work. 

Instead, ask each other a few questions: like, if you could have an animal as a personal assistant, which one would hire have and why? Or what were the plot fails in your most recent Netflix binge? Which celebrity are you mad at rn? How many cats is too many cats? Why are there two plants on this poster? 

The point is this: There's so much more to life than whatever helped you buy this ticket.


Word on the street is that past mixers have led to actual friendships - and even out-of-Method meet-ups. 

Venue : Method Bandra

Date : Thursday 18th January

Time : 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please note: Ticket cost includes one drink at the venue