• Method Mixer Party | 7th Nov |  Bandra

Method Mixer Party | 7th Nov | Bandra

Regular price Rs. 250.00

Venue : Method Bandra

Date : Tuesday 7th November

Time : 7:30 PM-9:30 PM

Step out of your comfort zone & talk to new people about everything except for work. 

Yes, that's the rule. No "what do you do?" talk please. Instead, ask each other what they think about when in an airplane looking down at this tiny little earth. Or share your conspiracy theories about aliens. Or your fav literary quote. Come on, there must be more to life than whatever helped you buy this ticket.

Coming to that. Yes, this is a ticketed event, but your pre-booked ticket includes a drink. Essentially, you're pre-purchasing your coffee/cooler so that we know who's coming!

Word on the street is that past mixers have led to actual friendships - and even out-of-Method meet-ups.