• MS12 by Mihir Suvanam | Raku Fired Ashtray

MS12 by Mihir Suvanam | Raku Fired Ashtray

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A unique, hand-made raku fired ashtray by Mihir Suvanam.

Raku firing is a unique and exciting process in the world of ceramics that produces one-of-a-kind pieces with a range of colors and textures. It begins with creating a clay object, which is then coated with special raku glazes. These glazes contain various metallic compounds that will react with heat and air to produce the distinctive raku look. Once the piece is dry, it's placed in a specially designed kiln that can reach high temperatures quickly. The firing process involves rapidly heating the kiln to around 982°C, causing the glazes to melt and the clay to harden. After the desired temperature is reached, the artist uses tongs to carefully remove the red-hot piece from the kiln and place it in a container filled with combustible materials, like sawdust or leaves. This creates a smoky, oxygen-starved environment that triggers the reduction process, where the metallic compounds in the glaze react with the carbon in the smoke, creating the unique raku appearance. Once the piece has cooled down, it's cleaned to reveal the stunning final result.