• Pink Harvest I by Eeshani Mitra
  • Pink Harvest I by Eeshani Mitra

Pink Harvest I by Eeshani Mitra

Regular price Rs. 2,500.00

Medium : Digital Print on Archival Paper.

Edition Details:

    • 8" x 10" : Rs. 2,500. Edition of 50.
    • 12" x 15" : Rs. 5,000. Edition of 20.
    • 16" x 20" : Rs.10,000. Edition of 10.

All prints are hand stamped and numbered by the photographer and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

Framing : Unframed

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3. Framing can be done on request. Additional framing, shipping and packaging charges will be confirmed over email once we receive your order.

4. For international orders, please email us at transmissions@themethod.in


About The Artist


Eeshani Mitra is a visual artist and zine maker. Her work revolves around the exploration of flowers and various other objects, submerged in a variety of natural and synthetic mediums. She constantly moves between the medium of photography, video art and animation.