• Rain by Shivangi Kalra
  • Rain by Shivangi Kalra

Rain by Shivangi Kalra

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An original artwork by Shivangi Kalra

Size : 30" x 24"

Medium : Oil on canvas

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Shivangi is a 24-year-old artist and an art and animation teacher. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (painting) from College of Art, Delhi (2021). She is currently pursuing her Master’s in painting at Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, with the kind support of the Greenshields Foundation. Born and brought up in the fast-paced life of Delhi, she feels like pausing the rushing time, and containing the frozen moment in space within her paintings, forever. She mostly works with oil paints. Some of her achievements include: representing Indian art at the scholarship cultural exchange between India and Japan (JENESYS 2.0), participating in CONA Bombay (2020), winning the Best Painting Award by the Eastern Foundation of Art and Culture (2020) and the Swapan Biswas Award at College of Art (2018). Shivangi has participated in several exhibitions in the past three years including:Method, AIFACS, Nippon Gallery, Apparao Galleries, and others.