• Saachi Live

Saachi Live

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Saachi is a singer/songwriter from Mumbai whose musical influences range from RnB, Alt/Soul, Funk and Pop. Her discography contains themes of duality, navigating limbo and saying things as is.

"There are some feelings we keep neatly tucked away in a corner, the ones we only occasionally bring out, think but rarely say aloud since they’re not the most perfect. I like singing about them.”

Using moody and raw soundscapes with accompaniment from Ankit Dayal, this is a consolidation of Saachi's released and unreleased works stripped to their bare bones.

Be prepared for dark humour, tears and a handful of hope.

This performance will be during the ongoing exhibition, Macaqophony by Gargi Chandola.

When: Sunday, 19th Feb 8pm

Where: Method Kala Ghoda

Ticket Price: 500INR (includes drinks)

 Beverage Partners: Bira & Doja