Acche Din by Tyler

Following a sold out debut show at Method during Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2021, Tyler returns with a Independence Day show before going on an indefinite hiatus. The show opens 15th August, and runs for only a week. Featuring a new set of works and a video installation that reflect on the current state of our nation, the largely minimal works are offset by a brutal splatter of paint across the gallery.

A juxtaposition to highlight the not-so-hidden chaos masked by an artificial sheen manufactured by the state. 

Show Dates : Sunday,15th August 2021 to Sunday, 22nd August 2021 

Show Location :

Method Kala Ghoda

The Art : 




Title : "You Can't Burn Baby, You Were Born To Play With It" 

Medium : Spray Paint, Bison Board

Size : 32" x 42"

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Title : The Price Of Freedom

Medium : Spraypaint on wood

Size : 24" x 32.5"




Title : Stop trying to hit me and hit me

Medium : Spraypaint on wood, Dart

Size : 21" x 17" 





Title : "Mwah!"

Medium : Charcoal, Wood

Size : 13.5" Diameter

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Title : "Matriarchy" 

Medium : Charcoal, Wood

Size : 13.5" Diameter

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Title : Chainbreaker 

Medium : Charcoal, Wood

Size : 13.5" Diameter

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Title : "Keep Running, It's The Only Way Out" 

Medium : Spray Paint, Wood, Metal Chain

Size : 24.5" x 19.5"

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Title :  "Keep Looking"

Medium : Spraypaint, Bison Board, Painted Vinyl, Electric Motor

Size : 40" x 28"

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Title : If You're Looking For Nothing, Congratulations! You Found It" 

Medium : Spraypaint, Metal Box

Size : 13.5" x 10"

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Title : "If You Can't Play With It, Steal It" 

Medium : Spray Paint, Wood

Size: 24.5" x 19.5"

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Title : If It Flies, It Dies

Medium : Spraypaint on Bison

Size : 42" x 32" 




Title : "Government Lied, People Died" 

Medium : Spraypaint, Metal Box

Size : 14.5" x 10.5"

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Title : Darling 

Medium : Spraypaint on Bison board 

Size : 42.75" x 30.75" 




Title :

Medium : Spraypaint, Wood

Size : Diptych, 14" x 14" each

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Title : "Balance Is The Key To Everything. P.S. Don't Look Down"  

Medium : Spray Paint, Wood, Barbed Wire

Size :  19.5" x 22.5"

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Title : "Approach With Caution" 

Medium : Spraypaint, Shattered Glass, Wood

Size : 26" x 13.75"

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The Artist : 

Tyler is an anonymous street artist from Mumbai. Since 2010 Tyler has created works using city walls as his canvas to bring to the fore various subjects that define society and culture around us. His works, often political, are brutally honest opinions expressed in charming and mischievous ways that relate and appeal to everyone who views them.

Tyler’s works have been exhibited in group shows in India and
Amsterdam. His works have appeared in several Indian and International news publications including The New York Times, Al Jazeera and The Times of India among others.