Baad Me Aana by Mohd. Intiyaz

"In my community, there are many who accept the lack of basic amenities and human dignity as luck. We make peace with things as they are under the guise of kismet and just try to survive without asking for more. 

But sometimes a voice within reminds us that certain things are our rights. Why should we not have a regular supply of water? Why shouldn’t we be able to register a violent crime committed against us? We muster up the strength to assert these rights that seem to come easier to others. And we do it not just for ourselves but for others as well.

In search of justice, we knock at every door with hope. Asking - no; demanding.  

But when we do, we find ourselves weaving through a familiar maze that never leads to a positive end. Instead Haq's voice stands on one side of the door while an office babu sits on the other. We plead for what should be ours - a life equal to others - and once again we are told बाद में आना!"

-Mohd Intiyaz

Venue : Method Kala Ghoda

Dates : 10 Aug - 10 Sept